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Not Ashamed of the Gospel: Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic

Not Ashamed of the Gospel:  Confessions of a Liberal Charismatic

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Note: Thoughts on living a powerful Christian life without majoring in doctrine.

What is the good news? If the gospel that Jesus taught is so good, why are Christians so bad? How can Christians relate to people of other faiths or of no faith at all?

Bible teacher Henry Neufeld wrestles with these issues in this book. This is not a book of theology. It is his personal testimony of what Jesus means in his life, and how one can be both a serious, committed Christian and a strong proponent of diversity and dialogue. In fact, he finds in the gospel not just permission to be tolerant, but a command to be open, honest, and clear in his convictions, and yet non-judgmental of the views of others.

Henry's understanding of Christianity is built around the incarnation. If God can cross the gap between the infinite and the finite to experience life with us, surely we can cross the gap between ourselves and our fellow human beings. "You are never more God-like than when you open your heart's door to another person. The more different they are, the more God-like that action is," he says in describing how Christians should seek to build relationships.

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