Energion Publications Authors in the Blogosphere

Not all of our authors are bloggers, but some are, and here are some links to current posts.

Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. current blogs at Townhall.com where his blog is called Consider. He has been blogging about the Iraq war, with his latest posts Iraq War – Should we Leave? Part VII and the transcript of his latest Running Toward the Goal podcast, Zeitgeist – The Response.

Jody Neufeld blogged recently about her experiences coordinating the John Webb Winter Golf Tournament which raises money to provide toys, videos, and other items for children hospitalized with serious illnesses. Her most recent post discusses reintroduction of the Latin Mass. Jody is also in the final stages of writing a book on grieving for Christians which will be published by Energion Publications.

Riley Richardson has a blog post on the Pacesetters Bible School newsletter blog titled What is Our Mission?. This is most directly addressed to his Gonzalez United Methodist Church congregation, but it is relevant and important for all Christians.

Henry Neufeld blogs in several places. On his Threads blog he posted about Mother Theresa and Crises of Faith. On the Participatory Bible Study blog, he posted a lengthy quote and some commentary from St. John Chrysostom on repentance and restoration, while on the Jevlir Caravansary he reviewed three books. While his wife Jody is writing hard on her book on grief, he has also been writing many of the devotionals for her devotional list, and this week looked at repentance, working mostly from Ezekiel (follow-up here).