Energion Publications Features Titles on Inspiration and the Holy Spirit

Energion Publications is featuring four titles on inspiration and the Holy Spirit. They are featured in our current ad at the new Spectrum Magazine web site. The books are:

Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God?
Dr. Alden Thompson, professor of Biblical studies at Walla Walla University looks at many of the difficult passages in the Old Testament and finds God’s grace.
Evidence for the Bible (Consider Christianity Series, Volume 1)
Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. believes there is ample reason to trust what the Bible teaches.
When People Speak for GodHenry Neufeld, president of Pacesetters Bible School asks us to look at the Bible more as a conversation than as a source of information. He combines a doctrine of the gift of prophecy with the doctrine of Biblical inspiration.
Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire!Dr. Bob McKibben, Pastor of First United Methodist Church of Marianna, FL, presents a pastoral letter on the work of the Holy Spirit in your congregation.