Nurturing Creativity is a blog sponsored by Energion Publications to both showcase work by our fiction and poetry authors and to encourage and nourish creativity in our community.

Our fiction titles come under three imprints.

  1. Our Energion Publications poetry and fiction categories. These are largely for Christian fiction and related poetry.
  2. Our Enzar Empire Press imprint, which is for science fiction, fantasy, and mystery.
  3. Our Eucatastrophe Press imprint which is for fiction which doesn’t easily fall into known categories.

Though Energion Publications is a Christian company, only material needs to be Christian themed. There is no religious test for our fiction imprints, and we welcome material from a variety of perspectives including secular. You will experience a variety of approaches and viewpoints on this blog, and comments and discussion are welcome.

Our main contributors will be authors for Energion Publications or its imprints. Others may contribute by invitation. If you would like to be a contributor, please e-mail and let us know how you would like to contribute and what your background is.

Comment Policy

Comments on this blog need to be family friendly. We invite vigorous discussion, but we ask for courtesy at the same time. We believe this is possible. The decisions of our editors will be final on what will be allowed on the blog.