Overcomers in Christ

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by Iris Subel Davis

Overcomers bannerHello Reader:

Prayers for you as you read today; may the Lord have brought you here for a special reason in your life.

Last month, we talked about negative experiences. This month’s entry will continue to discuss those in terms of what they can produce in our lives.

I found the picture above as I was preparing for an upcoming Google Hangouts session with Energion founders, Henry and Jody Neufeld. We will be discussing the topic of “Overcoming” on April 5th at 7pm CST.

It struck a chord with me because I have recently found out that my genealogical roots lead back into the royal families of England, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway. Some of my grandparents made some choices that altered the course of their lives and of countries. Along with that came a few exiles and public executions. In another branch of my family tree, there were broken families due to sworn allegiances to different countries. A common thread in all of the branches was a certain amount of shame as a result of the things they chose to do, whether right or wrong. This tendency was found from 800 A.D. right up to the 1900’s.

If you study genealogy, you know that a positive effect is learning what you are made of and how the past generations are still affecting you through your DNA. I have learned through my 20+ years of study how, I—an only child— fit into this world and how my genealogical past has affected my past, present, and future. Through study, I have learned how man has viewed my bloodline. Sometimes, that has been as great and important people. Other times, it has been as a simple, poor farmer. But, what I see about my family is more important. They have all been overcomers. Whether rich or poor, they all had something of great importance that had to be overcome—and the bloodline continued.

In reading about my generations, I am called to pray for those who came before me. He lays their burdens on my heart for a split second so that I can feel what they felt. Compassion comes in waves as I realize that though times were different, men were not. Their humanity is palpable as I read their stories and view pictures, paintings, and artist renditions of them and their circumstances. It is heart-breaking for a few moments.

Then, as I return to the present, I realize that He is revealing this to strengthen my vision of myself in spite of my past and circumstances. He is reminding me that I am someone special, to Him first and then to man. He needs to remind me of that often! It is necessary because there is a plan for my life that has yet to be fulfilled. I must walk with the One who has overcome the world in order to fulfill it. Each day that I take a step, or you take step, is one more day of that plan coming about. We are still here, so our purpose is still being fulfilled. It is promised, NO MATTER WHAT THINGS LOOK LIKE TODAY. His word says that His plans are for good and will be completed. Say that out loud a few times!

Through the gift of His Holy Spirit, we can overcome whatever barriers we are experiencing through prayer. As He reveals, we can pray about things and help free ourselves from our past to be all that He desires us to be, and to do all that He needs us to do.

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