Tabitha Edwards-Walton: Letter from Heaven, “I love you, Mom!”

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Poetic Life Front Coverby Tabitha Edwards-Walton, author of Poetic Life Experiences and Poetic Diversities

Note: This is a new poem from Tabitha, not found in her two previous books.


Mom, I hope by now you understand,

That it’s Okay, I am in the Promised Land.

He told me that one day I would Fly Away.

My father said, “I am coming for you one day.”


He said, “Fly with me, my Child.” I said, “Father, I am ready!”

He did not take my life; He gave me eternity.

I am with our Heavenly Father,

Where I can play and hold the hand of your mother.


Mom, there are so many flowers! I will save the prettiest one for you!

You have to wait, because it is not your time though; you still have more to do.

When it is your time, I will run to you with all of my charms.

I will receive you with smiles and open arms.


I will watch over you as you have always done for me.

I am your protector; now you see.

Father said, I did a good job by helping so many.

Love always, your Buddy