Book Signings at the Pine Forest UMC Craft Show

EnerPower Press author Bob Makar will display his book The Messiah and His Kingdom to Come:  A Biblical Road Map at the Pine Forest United Methodist Church Arts and Crafts Festival in Pensacola, FL on November 14, 2009.  In addition, he will be joined between 11 AM and 2 PM by Energion authors Geoffrey Lentz, Nick May, Jody Neufeld, and Energion owner Henry Neufeld, who will be signing his new collection of short stories published under our new Enzar Empire Press imprint.

While a craft show may seem an odd place for a substantial book signing, in past years we have had good attendance and results.  There are many book lovers in the area and they do stop by.  Come and join them!

FTC Disclosure and Free Review Copies

Since Energion Publications offers free review copies for all our imprints, we need to remind reviewers who receive these free copies of disclosure requirements.  As we did before the FTC jumped in, we ask that you disclose that you received a free copy from us when you post your review.

This is discussed further on the Energion Publications blog.