You’re Going to Die

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Tales from Jevlir, quote from chapter Delivering Books.
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Not Guilty
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Preview The Experiment Station

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Coming in June from Enzar Empire Press: The Experiment Station

From Andy Garza, author of Energion title The Scarab and the Cross, comes The Experiment Station. Watch here for more information. Release is scheduled for June, 2018.

Lore, myths and campfire stories are all born from fertile seeds of truth. Through the evolutionary track of time newly developed inhabitants of prison earth scrambled …

Read more in June!

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Preview The Day of the Dragon on Google Books

You can preview the book via Google Play/Google Books, or find it on our retail site.

Here’s the preview:

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Nurturing Creativity Blog and Enzar Empire Press

Book with science fiction scene and open doorway of light

Book with science fiction scene and open doorway of light (Adobe Stock)

The first science fiction related post has just been published on Nurturing Creativity, the new fiction, poetry, and anything-at-all-creative blog from Energion Publications, our parent imprint.

Joseph G. Whelan, author of Day of the Dragon, talks about why he reads—and now writes—science fiction. While, perhaps. Check out his blog post to see what he prefers to call it.

If you are an independently or self-published science fiction or fantasy author, and would like to contribute to this new blog, we’d like to hear from you. We’re interested in sharing our audience with you. A little bit of audience sharing can be good for you, for us as a publisher, for our authors, and for other authors who join in.

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Day of the Dragon is Here!

Day of the Dragon in stockThe long-awaited arrival of Enzar Empire’s Day of the Dragon by Joseph G. Whelan is reality! The 483-page saga is here in our office and, along with the PDF version, is available online through these links to EnergionDirect. The Kindle version is on Amazon.  

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Press Release: Day of the Dragon

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In the Enzar Empire It’s Day of the Dragon!

9781938434808fEnzar Empire Press is pleased to announce the release of a new novel of speculative science titled Day of the Dragon, the first published novel by author Joseph G. Whelan, and the second title published under the Enzar Empire Press imprint.

Day of the Dragon asks “what if” regarding the K-T boundary and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Well, except for all those pesky feathered dinosaurs that declined to become extinct. It interweaves a tale of discover with one of choices, good and bad.

It is currently available in three editions, with more to follow:

Print, at $24.99.

PDF, at $9.99

Kindle, at $9.99

Watch here for further news, including releases for Nook and iBooks as well as our press release and upcoming events.


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