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Praise for Fifty Shades of Grace

Shauna Hyde has delivered another powerful, God-inspired arsenal of ammunition for those seeking to destroy the effects of the enemy in their lives. Very few authors have the fortitude to tackle tough subjects within healing from relationships; but her solid, God-given wisdom on some of the toughest obstacles offers a hope for those who need a lifeline. One of the most basic truths within her writing is that the results of healing do not come without doing the hard work of healing. That truth, along with the exposure of various myths of modern day thinking, have laid a wonderful foundation for the reader to gain a foothold towards living out the free life that the Lord Jesus intended us to live.

Iris Subel Davis, author God’s Promise of Victory

Rev. Hyde dispels a number of romantic myths that pervade relationships today. From Grimm’s to Grey, she explains how these fairy tales inhibit our ability to find supportive, healthy relationships, romantic and otherwise. She goes a step farther and asks deceptively simple questions at the end of each chapter which provoke thought and emotional growth and offer a means of exploring how to improve nearly all relationships. She respectfully confronts the conventional “wisdom” of Biblical teachings and clarifies the meaning behind often misused verses. For those who seek a faith-based exploration of the dynamics of dysfunctional relationships, and suggestions how to improve one’s self and one’s interactions with others, this volume is ideal.

Ariana J. Kincaid, Violence Against Women Resource Prosecutor, West Virginia Prosecuting Attorneys Institute

God knows what we need to hear and when we need to hear it. This book is exactly what I needed! Fifty Shades of Grace helps establish healthy ways to love and be loved. I want my teenagers to read it, my husband and a long list of friends. It is a God-inspired guide to show us characteristics of real love, and a warning if we are in an unhealthy relationship. This little book is packed with wonderful advice and scripture. It is a must read for everyone. A great group study or individual read.

Kimberly Gordon, author It’s in the Bag, Please Love Me, and Allegheny Hideaway, Pensacola, FL

With his Hierarchy of Needs, Abraham Maslow emphasized the fundamental need that we humans have to be in relationship with each other. Our need for love and belonging is preceded only by our most basic survival and safety needs. It is within these relationships that we can experience our greatest joys and our most devastating losses. Relationships are not all good or bad, not all joy or sorrow, rather they exist on a spectrum of ebb and flow, give and take.

In Fifty Shades of Grace, Shauna Hyde reminds us that healthy, lasting relationships are not the result of fairy tales and happenstance. To love and be loved is not passive but requires intention. Shauna helps us to discover and define our unspoken expectations, our unmet needs and our secret payoffs. Does our Christianity smooth the path along our way or have we turned it into an obstacle? By expertly challenging myths with scripture, Shauna lifts the veil that separates reality and fantasy revealing a spiritual path that empowers us to create the lasting and loving relationships that we desire.

Felicia L. Bush, MA, Director of Medical Services, WV Family Support and Rehabilitation Services

Love is no fairy tale. It is something far more challenging, more beautiful, and more rewarding than all that… just like Rev. Shauna Hyde’s inspired new work, Fifty Shades of Grace. We may all be cracked vessels, but Rev. Hyde draws from scripture, Niebhur, Cinderella, and her own experience to present us with a map for navigating the treacherous waters of romance, love, and even abuse. If you are truly in love with someone, or if you someday want to be, this book is for you.

Stephen N. Smith, Executive Director, West Virginia Healthy Kids and Families Coalition