Energion Publications uses three words for our mission: Educate, Energize, and Empower. What do we mean by these words? Are they just buzzwords? The third keyword in our Energion Publications mission is Empower! (See the previous posts on Educate! and Energize!) Empower represents the most difficult thing to accomplish as a publisher. We can publish books […]

#MeToo Church

By Shauna Hyde, PhD In my years of ministry as pastor and counselor, I have worked with people who have been abused, victimized, and traumatized in unspeakable ways.  It is heart-breaking and I often find it difficult to understand how one human being can justify treating another human being badly in order to meet their […]

Jody’s Christmas List #5

Prayer Trilogy by Kimberly Gordon, Retail: $10.99, Sale: $7.50 Allegheny Hideaway by Kimberly Gordon Retail: $16.99, Sale: $11.75 Please Love Me by Kimberly Gordon Retail: $14.99, Sale: $10.50 Kimberly Gordon does a great job of bringing a story together with action, strong, interactive characters and subplots that enhance the main theme. The strength of these […]

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