Martin Luther King Day 2017

We will be collecting posts from our authors today, and Tuesday related to the Martin Luther King holiday here in the United States. If you write one or see one that I have missed, please let me know. The link on the title will be to the article wherever it appeared (we’ll embed tweets or Facebook posts), while the author’s name will link to their author page on Energion Direct.

Dreaming of the Promised Land with Martin and RosaDr. Bob Cornwall

Can We Have MLK’s Dream Without His Faith? – Dr. Allan Bevere

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Publishing Titles by Seventh-day Adventists

Energion owner/editor Henry Neufeld has published an article on this topic on his blog, Threads from Henry’s Web.

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Christmas Gift for Yourself!

As the shopping for gifts concludes and you wander the stores in dazed fatigue, consider a lasting pick-me-up!

Go to and take ten minutes to peruse the eight books we have Featured. You will find eight Featured books, including two of our succinct Topical Line Drives books (only 44 pages!) priced at only $5.99, Dr. Alden Thompson’s newly released 2nd Edition of Inspiration: Hard Questions, Honest Answers 450 pages on sale for only $20.99, and four Participatory Study Guides on Colossians and Philemon, Mark’s
, The Sermon on the Mount and Marriage priced $9.99 to $12.99 and Dr. David Alan Black’s very personal testimony about age, grief and life in 200 pages for $16.99! Remember — shipping is Free in the continental United States!

Invest in your spiritual life this year! Draw closer to God and you will find He draws closer to you!

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Ebook Editions of Grief: Coping with Holidays

holiday-grief-book-coverBecause we produced this book as a service, we’re providing the ebook editions at a minimal price — just $0.99 per copy in any ebook format. So far, it is available for iBooks/iTunes, Kindle, and

The print edition is available from us directly from us, but may not yet be in stock at your favorite online store. We also have quantity discounts if you want to give these away during the holiday. Jody and I are providing a number to our church free of charge for this purpose.

Henry Neufeld


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Book Released: The Ground of God: Contemplative Prayer for the Contemporary Spirit

ennis-book-coverFirst time author, Donna Marie Ennis, brings contemplation to the forefront of an active, strong prayer life in her book, The Ground of God: Contemplative Prayer for the Contemporary Spirit. How many of us struggle to pull down the frantic pace of our lives and bend our priorities from this world under the better priorities of God? Mrs. Ennis gives us a productive cycle of read, pray and examine to bring us closer to our Savior.

The most unique feature of The Ground of God may be its appeal to the contemporary reader. While the outwardly active contemporary reader may feel disinclined to pick up and read a whole book on contemplation, mysticism and the church, this book covers the essence of all three facets of our faith life, presented in short sections easily accessed in any order. The inspired reader can flip anywhere; any page within each section stands alone with brevity and completeness of thought. When the reader can step back, it can be seen that each piece works with the next to complete the whole. The reader can begin to see more clearly the unfettered truth that is central to our existence: I am loved and called precious in God’s sight.

If you are new to contemplation, the ease and simplicity of thought gradually open one up to the experiential knowledge that living a balanced life is within reach. If, on the other hand, you have contemplative prayer experience, the ancient, stable and holy ground of contemplative prayer is known with affirming clarity, depth and simplicity in new ways. The reader can begin to wonder: the Israelites had already wandered in the desert for 40 years in search of the Promised Land. Do I need to wait so long?

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New Release: Grief: Coping with Holidays by Jody Neufeld

holiday-grief-book-coverEnergion Publications is excited that our own editor, Jody Neufeld, took off her day-to-day office hat and spent some time sharing her encouragement and knowledge in her new book, Grief: Coping with Holidays. As a former hospice nurse and educator, Jody brings observations and suggestions from many families as well as her own holiday experiences after losses to this user friendly 20-page book.

“Holidays are family and the traditions we keep, and when our loved ones move from the chair next to us into the memories of our hearts, it is a difficult transition. The journey can have unexpected pot holes and detours as well as lasting longer than we hoped.” says Jody.

It is our hope here at EP that this book will be a tool for outreach into your local community where there are many people struggling to get through the upcoming holiday season. Our quantity discounts along with FREE shipping in the United States, makes this a wonderful investment!

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Tuesday Night Video: Prayer for the Nation

There will be no Tuesday night hangout tonight due to a number of factors, but for readers/viewers in the United States, we thought it would be timely to repost the video of our interview with Dr. David Moffett-Moore titled Prayer for the Nation.


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No Tuesday Night Hangout

There will be no Tuesday night hangout tonight. I will hopefully be conducting an interview tomorrow and will post it on YouTube and the Energion Discussion Network. There will be a notice here when that happens.

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Energion Publications and Discrimination

200bannerRecent news stories regarding the InterVarsity Fellowship’s paper about the theology of human sexuality make me feel that I should make a brief statement. There is always the possibility that the position of a company known as a Christian publisher might be misunderstood. I’m making this on the company blog rather than my personal blog because, though it is my personal position, it is a personal position that drives the way I conduct the business of my company.

  1. Energion Publications has a short doctrinal statement, but this statement defines our audience, not our staff, contractors, or authors. It sets some parameters on our publishing and marketing goals. Nobody is expected to sign this statement to work with or for us. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, much less one’s views of it.
    As I noted Tuesday night in my presentation on curriculum, nobody here at Energion is a final arbiter of truth. We have our boundaries of what we publish for business reasons and to fulfill the company’s mission, but we don’t define those outside the boundaries as bad. We choose contractors and authors based on their ability to do the work needed and do not discriminate on any other basis. Period.
  2. We also vigorously affirm the right of Christian ministries, such as InterVarsity Press, to conduct their business as their conscience directs. They see this issue differently, and the same firm belief in freedom of conscience that leads us to our non-discrimination policy leads us to allow their freedom of conscience as a ministry. This is not a comment on their wisdom, simply their freedom of conscience.
  3. We consider the first two paragraphs of this statement to both derive from one commitment to trusting that each person can and should be led by the Holy Spirit. We will continue to pray for God’s blessing on God’s church and all ministries which operate in God’s name.
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Tuesday Night Hangout: Curriculum Ideas for Christian Education

Tonight, rather than interviewing an author, I’m going to be talking about choosing good curriculum for Christian education and identifying your goals for a small group or Sunday School class. I’ll be mentioning a number of authors and books.

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