Energion Publications and Discrimination

200bannerRecent news stories regarding the InterVarsity Fellowship’s paper about the theology of human sexuality make me feel that I should make a brief statement. There is always the possibility that the position of a company known as a Christian publisher might be misunderstood. I’m making this on the company blog rather than my personal blog because, though it is my personal position, it is a personal position that drives the way I conduct the business of my company.

  1. Energion Publications has a short doctrinal statement, but this statement defines our audience, not our staff, contractors, or authors. It sets some parameters on our publishing and marketing goals. Nobody is expected to sign this statement to work with or for us. We do not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, much less one’s views of it.
    As I noted Tuesday night in my presentation on curriculum, nobody here at Energion is a final arbiter of truth. We have our boundaries of what we publish for business reasons and to fulfill the company’s mission, but we don’t define those outside the boundaries as bad. We choose contractors and authors based on their ability to do the work needed and do not discriminate on any other basis. Period.
  2. We also vigorously affirm the right of Christian ministries, such as InterVarsity Press, to conduct their business as their conscience directs. They see this issue differently, and the same firm belief in freedom of conscience that leads us to our non-discrimination policy leads us to allow their freedom of conscience as a ministry. This is not a comment on their wisdom, simply their freedom of conscience.
  3. We consider the first two paragraphs of this statement to both derive from one commitment to trusting that each person can and should be led by the Holy Spirit. We will continue to pray for God’s blessing on God’s church and all ministries which operate in God’s name.
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Tuesday Night Hangout: Curriculum Ideas for Christian Education

Tonight, rather than interviewing an author, I’m going to be talking about choosing good curriculum for Christian education and identifying your goals for a small group or Sunday School class. I’ll be mentioning a number of authors and books.

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Hurricane Matthew and Energion Publications

Well, sort of. I should have posted this much earlier. We have gotten many e-mails asking how we’re doing, and offering prayers and support. We appreciate each one. We always appreciate prayers! But we are living in Florida (non-liquid) sunshine with light breezes and beautiful fall weather. That’s because we’re about as far west as you can get and still be in Florida.

There are, however, many people who are suffering during this hurricane, and I put Haiti first on that list. Energion author Chris Surber is currently there with a team on a mission that was planned before the storm but was converted into a relief mission as the time approached. While remembering Haiti, which is ill-equipped to deal with such a powerful storm, we should not forget Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, eastern Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina and anyone else in the way of this storm.

8ecd1a3613f4b27eaafbf8177c2e54ffI’m a firm believer in prayer, but I believe most strongly in prayer that changes the one who offers it. In this case, I hope the prayers of many result in action. Give, work, encourage—whatever God lays on your heart.

For those interested in Chris’s mission, his ministry is Supply and Multiply.

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Hangout Tonight: Bob LaRochelle on Ecumenism and Christian Education

Crossing the StreetTonight Energion owner Henry Neufeld will interview author Bob LaRochelle (Crossing the Street, What Roman Catholics Need to Know about Protestants, What Protestants Need to Know about Roman Catholics, A Home United: A Participatory Study Guide) regarding the role ecumenism plays in Christian education in his church congregation.

Here’s the viewer:

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“… a cup of cold water …” Given to Thirsty Spirits

remagine-montclair-2016Publisher Henry Neufeld spent his Saturday at Reimagine Montclair in Pensacola, FL giving some of Energion Publication books to thirsty spirits.  89 books were chosen by those who also came for food, clothing, health screening services, community opportunities, as well as games for children and even lunch from the grill! We also gave a beautiful NIV Study Bible to a random volunteer, Mike from Pensacola’s Mens Teen Challange! Congratulations!

If you live in the Pensacola area, this is an excellent charitable organization to become involved with as we have for several years now. Remember that Jesus said, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold waterto one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”  (Matthew 10:42)

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Energion’s Grief Hangout and Book Specials

grief-coverHenry and Jody Neufeld sat down last night and shared their experiences, encouragement and helpful points on the journey of grief during this week’s Hangout.

“Whether your loss is the death of a loved one, the loss of a job, divorce, or the loss of your home, even a loved pet, journey is a marathon, not a sprint. You need the support and comfort of friends and family and you need ongoing conversations with God.” says Jody.

Energion has put eight books at a discounted 30% off that are about the subject of grief and death and dying on EnergionDirect.com. Remember that shipping and handling is free with a $10 purchase and within the United States.  Go take a look!

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Take Me Home — Country “Waves”?!

book-donation-kailua-hawaii-sept-2016John Denver and his guitar gave many of us nostaligic longings for our hometowns. (Country Roads, Take me Home) Dr. David Alan Black recently went home to Hawaii to enjoy some “hang time” in the waves and teach a Greek class locally. He also took some time to drop off a copy of three of his books (Why Four Gospels?, It’s All Greek to Me, and Seven Marks of a New Testament Church) and his wife Becky Lynn’s book, My Life Story at the Kailua Public Library.

Make a note: Dave’s new book, Running My Race: Reflections on Life, Loss, Aging and Forty Years of Teaching is currently on Pre-Order sale for only $11.90.

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Tuesday Night Hangout: What Should I Know to be a Good Christian Witness?

elgin_for_netTonight @ 7p.m. CDT Henry Neufeld with guest and Christian apologist, Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.

“You should always be ready to give your testimony — your witness to Jesus Christ.”

“But what should I say? I don’t want to offend people!”

Elgin Hushbeck has written books and shared his face hundreds of times. Tonight, he will sit down with Henry Neufeld and talk practical, non-judgmental ways to share our Christian faith, whether with atheists, Jews, Muslims or nominal Christians.

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Editor Jody Neufeld’s Current Bible Study

from Jody Neufeld’s blog: Jody Along the Path

Jody cropped picJust as iron sharpens iron,
friends sharpen the minds of each other. – Proverbs 27:17 (CEV)

Let us continue to hold firmly to the hope that we confess without wavering, for the one who made the promise is faithful. And let us continue to consider how to motivate one another to love and good deeds, not neglecting to meet together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another even more as you see the day of the Lord coming nearer. Hebrews 10:23-25 (ISV)

Are you in a Bible study? Do you meet regularly with at least one other person to study and consider God’s word? Personal, private study is important. But unless you have one other person with whom to study and consider Scripture, I submit that your reasoning and consideration is one-sided.  (Read more … )

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Video: Energion This Week

New releases and what’s coming on Energion.

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