Book Review Policy

Energion Publications appreciates and wants to encourage the online community created through blogging and social media. We encourage bloggers to request review copies of books that interest you. We do not have a minimum requirement regarding the size of your blog.

There are a few requirements:

1) Request your book by e-mail ( We do not use an automated system. You can request e-mail notifications of new releases in the same e-mail. We do not use automated e-mail lists, but we do have personally maintained lists by special request.

2) New reviewers should request one book at a time. Once you’ve established a relationship with us, you can feel free to request more.

3) Review each book you receive. We hesitate to place demands on reviews, but we do request that you write a serious review, whether that review is positive or negative. “This is a great book. I loved it!” is as useless to your readers as “This is a horrible book. I hated it!” You received a free review copy. Tell people why you loved it, hated it, or felt apathetic toward it.

4) Let us know when you review the book and provide a link. We’ll link to you.

5) Indicate in your review that you received a free copy. This isn’t just a matter of publicizing our review program. It meets FTC requirements, and it’s also simple integrity. People should know of any motivation you have to adjust your review.

Finally, while we emphasize reviews of more recent titles, we are still willing to send out review copies of older titles as well. Feel free to look at our entire catalog and make your requests.