I am NOT an Apologist! AM I?

Doing Apologetics by Elgin J. Hushbeck, Jr. Retail: $5.99   The essential point is I do not judge what I do by how many debates I win or souls I save, because the first doesn’t matter and I can’t do the latter in any event. My goal in my walk with God is to be […]

Jody’s Christmas List #4

Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God by Dr. Alden Thompson. Retail: $14.99. On Sale: $10.49. (available in ebook also) 200 pp with space for notes. An excellent gift whether the recipient is a teenager or your grandmother or a teacher of a small group Bible study. Energion Publications released Who’s Afraid of the Old […]

Jody’s Christmas List #3

Poetic Diversities by Tabitha Edwards-Walton. Retail: $9.99. On Sale: $6.99. (available in ebook also) Noise Flash by Lee Baker. Retail: $13.99. On Sale: $9.00. I like poetry. I like modern poetry, not something Chaucer wrote! I was never any good at writing poetry when I was in school, but I could write about what a […]

Jody’s Christmas List, Gift #2

They Will Run and Not Grow Weary: 52 Devotions to Lighten Your Running Load by Dr. David Alan Black. Retail: $9.99, On Sale $6.99.(available in ebook also) Running My Race: Reflections on Life, Loss, Aging and Forty Years of Teaching by Dr. David Alan Black. Retail: $16.99, On Sale $11.99. (available in ebook also) Do […]

Henry’s Christmas List #1

My first suggestion is a gift for the theologians on your Christmas list. It’s Herold Weiss’s book Meditations on According to John: Exercises in Biblical Theology. My key reason for putting this one on my list of Christmas suggestions is that it demonstrates the practice of biblical theology. There is sometimes a great gulf fixed […]


Zeal I have to begin with zeal. What motivates anyone to learn about difficult history? For years I read and had read to me the King James scriptures, sometimes well, sometimes with ignorance. I knew the Scriptures were difficult. Not just for their language, but because we started reading with self-serving assumptions. For us in […]

Jody’s Christmas List #1

Grief: Coping with the Holidays by Jody Neufeld This first suggestion of a book for Christmas may seem self-serving but walking through the holidays when you are struggling with grief is beyond difficult. I know this because my 17-year-old son died in September and that Christmas was a holiday of tears. Whether you are grieving […]

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