Evaluation Copies

Free evaluation copies of certain of our books are available to church pastors or educational directors who want to evaluate them for use in their programs.

In order to qualify for this program, you must mail a request to us on your church letterhead, including your position in the church and the purpose for which the materials are requested. We will send one copy of any eligible book to you for evaluation. The copy once sent is yours with no obligation whatever, and does not need to be returned no matter what decision you make as to whether to use it.

This program currently applies to the following items:

Please check the quantity and non-profit discount charts on the individual item pages.

Send your request to:

Energion Publications
P. O. Box 841
Gonzalez, FL 32560

Alternatively you can fax it to 850-968-4111, or e-mail as an attached image or pdf to pubs@energion.com.

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