Christianity is Inescapably Relational

From Dave Black Online:

Christianity is inescapably relational. None of us understands fully our relationships. But I for one am grateful for each one that I enjoy, beginning with the relationship I have with my Priscilla (Becky). I know I’m beginning to sound like a broken record, with all this talk about the priority of deed over word, orthopraxy over orthodoxy. It reminds me of John Peer’s Law of Enough Already: “The more you run over a dead cat, the flatter it gets.” But Jesus didn’t come just to save our souls. He came to give us a brand new way of living. We are immobilized, demeaned, and defeated whenever we think that Christianity is a dead religion of works. True Christianity is a cross-like lifestyle in the midst of all the gook, grit, and grind of life.

In case you missed it, Energion Publications is publishing Dave Black’s new book, The Jesus Paradigm, and Dr. Black has graciously given me permission to quote from his blog here.  I am finding his blog very quotable!

Thanks also to Dry Creek Chronicles, who has commented on Dr. Black’s forthcoming book and has quoted great material from his blog as well.  Also to The Assembling of the Church, who has also commented and quoted worthwhile material.

Since they posted, and before our initial release on the book, the title was changed (a good place to use a passive, no?) to The Jesus Paradigm.

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