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Discussing The Jesus Paradigm

I notice that people have begun receiving their copies of The Jesus Paradigm by Dr. Davd Alan Black.

I will be providing links to the various reviews as they appear. Hopefully this will facilitate discussion. I’ll backtrack any further posts I make to this one in order to make it easier to find discussions. I’ll link to each finished review from the book’s detail page.

I have really enjoyed editing this particular book, and I have already had some very constructive conversations with reviewers. It’s my hope that reviewers will engage with the ideas in it critically and constructively.

I think that it is clear that “church” as we now have it is not working. While we may disagree on how to accomplish it, I think that as Christians we must accept that it must involve becoming more Christlike in the way we live and carry out ministry. Just how may require a bit more work.

Ultimately, of course, we are not the ones who will do it. It will have to be Jesus Christ in us through the power of the Holy Spirit. But many of us need to clear out some barriers.

Here are some links to the start of the discussion (most recent first):

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