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Dave Black on the Gospel Commission

He asks some serious questions:

Today every evangelical church stands at the crossroads on the question of priorities. Will we surrender to the spirit of the age, or will we join the company of the committed? Will we make a deliberate decision to accept sacrifice and suffering for the sake of Christ, or will we continue the pattern of extravagance and waste that has become the norm of our evangelical subculture?

This comes near the end of a substantial essay.  Go read it.  Dave’s blog doesn’t allow for discussion.  I’ll be opening a topic at Energion.net, our new, not-quite-complete, discussion site for this question.  (If you discuss on Energion.net, please be prepared to give feedback.

(David Alan Black is author of Energion Publications books Christian Archy and The Jesus Paradigm, the latter of which discusses some of the same issues Dave presents in this essay.)

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