New Titles Shipping

Two new titles are now shipping:

Front Cover of Whos Afraid of the Old Testament God?Who’s Afraid of the Old Testament God? (Fifth Edition),
icon is now in stock at B&N, and as of 10/29/11 is being offered for $10.79*, or 28% off the list price of $14.99. It’s still listing on Amazon.com for pre-order, but doubtless they will have it in stock within the next few days. We can provide about a 48 hour turnaround from Energion Direct.


Prayer Trilogy, a connected series of three stories about prayer, set in late 1800sPrayer Trilogy - front cover Colorado, is our latest fiction title. It is in stock on B&N
icon with a price of $5.14* (as of 10/28/11), which is 48% off the list price of $9.99. It is also in stock at Amazon.com for print, and also for Kindle. The Kindle edition is $2.99.


*These prices were seen on the B&N web site on 10/28/11 and may change at any time. They are not automatically updated on this site.

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