From Our Editorial Work: The Neglected Bible

Dr TuckHere’s a brief extract from the forthcoming book, Lord, I Keep Getting a Busy Signal by William Powell Tuck:

Why is it that we often do not read the Bible which is supposed to be the Church’s chief source for spiritual guidance? There is no question today that the Bible is indeed a neglected book. Few actually read it and most people today are ignorant of its basic stories and teachings. Yet, almost all homes in America seem to have Bibles today. The Bible is still a national best seller. But for what purpose is the Bible used by these people who purchase it? Well, it is often filled with clippings, roses are pressed in it, pictures of children, grandchildren or relatives are often placed there for safekeeping. It may remain on a shelf in our bookcase or lie on a table somewhere in our house. It almost never gets read, except on rare, special occasions. It is a neglected book (45-46).

It’s an excellent question. Why don’t we read more? Our behavior belies what we claim to believe.

(Watch Energion Direct for notice of this book’s release. It will go on pre-order very soon.)

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