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A New Novel on Pre-Order! The Fringe: A Secret Society

Book Cover for The FringeNow on Pre-Order! The Fringe: A Secret Society is now on Pre-Order Sale at $6.99! One woman comes to break the silence and mystery of a secret society which she joined at the age of 23.  She knows what it is like to be  judged,  caged into a stereotype and shamefully condemned. Once an opera singer, her life seemed to spiral into an inescapable pit. Her stories will surprise and intrigue you as she introduces you to people she met.

This is a non-stop book. I picked it up and read it through in one seating. I couldn’t put it down as tears filled my eyes and I felt a new kinship with the secret society at the fringe of my world. I read this one Sunday morning before church and was inspired to challenge our congregation to be more attentive to persons on the fringe. My heart was touched. This book awakens sensitivity, convicts the conscience, and softens the heart. It invites us to contemplate the realities of the fringe and then move to action to respond with love, generosity, and social concern.Dr Bruce Epperly, pastor and author of 28 books including Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job

Go to direct.energion.com and pre-order your copy of The Fringe: A Secret Society today! 

This is author Renee Crosby‘s second book with Energion Publications.

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