Renee Crosby, Author and Aspire Award Finalist

Energion Publications’ author, Renee Crosby (second from the right) was honored as a finalist at Denver’s Aspire Award Banquet for Women of Distinction in Colorado. Finalists were selected based on their qualities of and the exhibition of ambition, perseverance, humility, and influence.

Renee’s recent book, The Fringe: A Secret Society, is a novel based on her work with the homeless. No emotional punches are pulled in this true-to-life story of a woman, once an opera singer and now a person struggling, as thousands are, to escape the slippery road of the homeless. If your school, civic group, or church want to meet and hear Renee share her adventures and how we can all make a difference, contact her here at Energion [pubs@energion.com].

Renee, along with your family and friends, we at Energion are proud of you!

Aspire Award


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