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From Jody’s Editor Desk at Energion:

Jody in glassesI worked as an RN for over 30 years. And looking back at that part of my life, I can say truthfully that I loved my job. I worked different kinds of nursing and in different settings. It was all more than a job which generated income. In fact, I could have made more money as a plumber or electrician. Nursing and teaching must have a bigger payoff to the individual than money!

And now – I am a book editor and publishing partner with my husband. I always said that if I hadn’t gone into nursing, I would have been an English major because I love books and communicating through writing. I would have never guess that I would actually have the opportunity to work doing something that I love – in a second very different life profession.

I am going to be sharing every week about new books that we have released. These will be my personal musings on books that I have read and edited, generated cover ideas or simply proofread as they went through our production process. I hope you find this helpful in looking at books for your own spiritual growth or the spiritual growth of someone you love.

Remember that our books are available in print from us [Direct.Energion.co] with quantity discounts starting with an order of only two books! Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-A-Million also carry our books, in print and electronically.

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