Energion Author Dr. Dolly Berthelot to Speak at Pensacola State College

“It’s all storytelling,” says Dr. Dolly Berthelot of her varied writing career. “Whether fiction or nonfiction, fantasy to memoir, features, even creative course development, all good storytelling requires caring, clarity, commitment, creativity, and craftsmanship, with fierce faithfulness to accuracy and truth. Always fascinating; not always easy.”

dolly012016ad“Dr. Dolly” will explore these themes in her January 20 presentation at Pensacola State College. The 2 pm program is part of the literary series offered free to the community in the Edward Chadbourne Library on College Boulevard.

This professional writer, editor, teacher, consultant’s long and meandering career reflects a passion for print and people, particularly human relations issues. She has edited a daily Louisiana newspaper, published travel articles and photos nationally and internationally, created PIONEER SPIRIT 76, the US Bicentennial Anthology of the Smoky Mountains Region, taught and advised top award-winning high school through University journalism (including Loyola U), consulted with Fortune 500 and smaller organizations and individual clients, provided innovative seminars around the country, and shared special life-story writing expertise through www.mineyourmemories1.com.

Her iconic, quirky little book, PERFECTLY SQUARE, A Fantasy Fable for All Ages, is now being reissued by Energion Publications as an ebook, to be followed, when the right artist-illustrator is found, by new WAR WALL, A Mythic Fable of Hope. Energion is a Pensacola-based publishing firm that represents select authors all over the country and markets worldwide

 IMPERFECT LOVE–A Reluctant Caretaker’s Frank Memoir, also nears readying for publication.

The author’s masters and doctorate from the U. of Tennessee, Knoxville, combines communication (itself an integration of behavioral sciences with writing and editing), magazine and newspaper journalism with creative educational development for adults and higher education.

The January 20 presentation will draw from Dr. Dolly’s myriad publications and rich life experiences and those of other writers. Q&A and books signing will follow the talk.

See Dr. Dolly’s essay Beyond the Boxes, the first entry of Nurturing Creativity, a new Energion blog that will include ruminations by various Energion authors.

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