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MONDAY: In this political season, we are reminded of how different Christian values are from those of too many politicians. So different, in fact, that this often drives good people out of politics—like Allan Bevere.

TUESDAY: “What’s happened to Easter?” Good question. In comparison to Christmas, Easter is hardly noticed. Bill Tuck wants to change this.

WEDNESDAY: Communication in a church is vital. The lack of it invites divisiveness and its presence creates trust and eliminates barriers. David Moffett-Moore invites us to true congregational transparency.

THURSDAY: Drought has affected our world in many ways. Chris Surber reflects on how spiritual drought saps our soul in ways not dissimilar from lack of rain.

FRIDAY: Do you want “to go to heaven”? Bruce Epperly challenges us to see heaven here on earth, or at least the intimation of it, and live fully into it now.

If any of these topics are relevant to you, join in the conversation and let us know. Your feedback can be as helpful as the post.

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