New Book: Christian Faith for Adolescents

Energion Publications is pleased to announce a new release from Energion author Dr. Robert R. LaRochelle, Christian Faith for Adelescents.

Pastor and author Bob LaRochelle believes that young people are much like adults in that we battle constantly with many questions. Some of these questions go well beyond “what” to ask some ultimate “why” questions. Whether we aim to or not, at some point we will encounter these questions.

This book, suitable for youth classes at any time, approaches learning about the faith as an exploration of the questions. It is not an attempt to provide all the answers, but rather to explore and even suggest new questions for future exploration.

If you have a youth group that is ready for and adventure exploring what’s at and beyond the edges of our understanding, while at the same time learning the basics of the Christian faith, this may be the book for you.

(If you are a pastor, youth leader, or Sunday School teacher, consider requesting a free evaluation copy to see if this is the book for your group.)


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