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Christmas – Here is a Gift with an Ongoing Message

Jody Neufeld, editor Energion Publications


Every Christmas I struggle to find a gift that will mean more than the popular video game of the moment or a name brand shirt/blouse in the correct size. I want the gift to draw my children and grandchildren closer in their relationship with their Father God without coming across judgmental or preaching doctrines. I think that I have an option in a book we have just released here at Energion Publications!

Reflections on Scripture, Dandelions, and Sparrows by Wanda Thompson is a beautiful compilation of her photographic, watercolor and graphite artwork. She and her husband, professor and author, Dr. Alden Thompson, have traveled Europe and the United States extensively. Wanda shares her view of God: in the singular beauty of a leaf, through the light & shadows of trees, or with the magnificence of a bird flying.

It may seem early for buying a Christmas present but how great is it to say you actually have started your shopping and at a great price and you can take time to read Reflections for yourself and receive an early blessing!

Cover price: $49.99

2018 Christmas Special Price:

Deluxe edition: $30, premium paper provides a high end canvas for Wanda’s artwork

Library edition: $25, case laminate style for a hard cover

Paperback edition: $20, glossy paper gives the reader a beautiful layout for this devotional

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