Creation in Contemporary Experience

Link: Why Christians Should Be Involved in Creation Care

The link: Why Christians Should Be Involved in Creation Care

Why link to a post on another publisher’s blog? Primarily because, as a small publisher, we realize there are many good books out there, and I would suggest the subject of this post is one of them. But secondarily, because other publishers will offer books on the same subject, and we can offer related materials while recommending theirs.

In this case, the book is Creation Care: A Biblical Theology of the Natural World, which is offered on our book store. The writers speak from an evangelical perspective, and call for a care for our environment.

Come to think of it, the book is available through our book store, and is 20% off right now!

At Energion, we have a series of books on creation, with the third volume being Creation in Contemporary Experience. This focuses on what the doctrine of creation means for us today in many ways. We hope you’ll take a look at both books, and certainly read the blog post at the least.

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