Second Week in Advent – Day 2 – In What Do You Hope?

Threatened by Amaziah, Amos tells the priest the harsh truth that not only has the sanctuary lost the Spirit of God; it will eventually be destroyed as a result of its choice to serve the king rather than God. In the language of Paul Tillich, the only Ultimate that delivers is the one that stands when all else has failed. To Amaziah and to church leaders today, Amos asks, “What is your ultimate concern? Where is your loyalty? In what do you hope? Is your salvation in the nation or the grace of God? Is your savior Jesus, a politician, or your political party? Does your political vision come from the Sermon on the Mount and prophets or demagogues and manipulators? Will you follow the Prince of Peace or the Prince of Prevarication? Will you depend on right or might to save the nation?”

Bruce G. Epperly, The Prophet Amos Speaks to America, p. 108

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