Third Week in Advent – Day 6 – Joining God’s Laughter

It’s during such seasons that we have to exhibit, as Brennan Manning suggests, a “ruthless trust.” When we’ve prayed and cried to God for deliverance and still find ourselves no better off, God’s character and commitment must sustain us.
While I certainly don’t want to appear glib or offer shallow explanations about life’s complex issues, ruthless trust will ultimately triumph over all suffering. In the face of adversity, faith says, “You can try to torment me, discourage me, and even make me cry, but you will not defeat me. You will not have the last word. I will outlast you and overcome you! I will join in the laughter of the One who loves me infinitely and chose me for Himself.”

Stephen S.J. Hill, What’s God Really Like, p. 11
Whats God Really Like

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