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Marriage in Interesting Times: A Participatory Study Guide

Order your copy of Dr. Bob Cornwall‘s new book, Marriage in Interesting Times: A Participatory Study Guide today! The book is at the printer! But we are extending the pre-order price through this Friday, May 6th. Take advantage of the $9.00 sale price (Retail $12.99) and remember there are quantity discounts and shipping within the United States is free with […]

Weekly Hangout – April 12, 2016

Tonight @ 7pm CDT, Elgin Hushbeck will interview Jay Hall, author of Young Earth Science and the Dawn of a New Worldview. They will discuss the arguments for and against the theory of a “young earth” (thousands of years-old). At 7:30pm CDT, Henry Neufeld and Dr. Thomas Hudgins will continue their ongoing discussion on biblical translation. […]

What’s Happened to Easter?

We recently asked at the Energion Discussion Network blog, “Is there a war on Christmas?” Today, the same might be asked about Easter. But Bill Tuck suggests that, unlike Christmas, Easter suffers from benign neglect. See if you agree with him.

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