Our mission is to use electronic and print media to help educate people of any age to evaluate and apply information, to energize as many people as possible to commitment and action based on this knowledge, and to empower every person to be a positive contributor in thought and deed to their own lives and to their community. [Read more]

  • Energion Publications
    Our original imprint, specializing in books for a Christian audience but expanding into those of more general interest. See especially our fiction and politics categories as we grow.
  • EnerPower Press
    Team publishing, meaning that we work out the details of how you want to publish and divide the initial expense and the profit accordingly. Includes the option of creating your own imprint.
  • Enzar Empire Press
    Fantasy and Science Fiction
  • eucatastrophe press
    Niches in general fiction
  • Eudokia Enrichment Library
    Educational material for senior high school students
  • Lost in Translation
    Bible study guides
  • EnergionExpand
    Coming soon, reaching new audiences and new expanses in creative writing, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and difficult to classify

Finding What You Need at Energion

  • Diversity Category
    Books that will help you celebrate and support diversity in your church, business, and community
  • Energion Publications News
    Updates on what’s going on here at Energion Publications
  • EnerPower Press
    Our paid imprint, publish your own imprint, customized books, and publishing services
  • Information for Retailers
    Are you a retailer? Purchase our books direct at 55% off or find out how to find them.
  • Are you an author?
    Information on submitting your book to Energion Publications
  • Enzar Empire Press
    Our science fiction, fantasy, and mystery imprint
  • eucatastrophe press
    For that niche fiction
  • Eudokia Enrichment Library (Coming Soon!)
    Educational enrichment materials for high school students. Watch here for more information.