Starting on August 20, 2018, we plan to post daily quotes from the books we publish, chosen to match topics of current interest when possible, and generally linked to some sort of existing commentary that is available online.

These quotes represent the views of the authors of those books. We won’t be choosing them to make a particular point, and we will not always try to balance quotes with those from authors who have other views. These are designed to stimulate discussion, and of course to generate interest in the books and authors.

On these posts we will normally include a small collection of books on the same topic so that you can find material to study further. Some of these book links will be to books that we don’t publish. The universe is so arrange that we don’t get to publish all the good books! 🙂

Comments are welcome, but do not count on responses here. That will be up to the authors and others with interest in the topic.