Gender Neutrality and Bible Translation by Henry Neufeld

Stewards of the Gospel by Dr. Bob McKibben

God Crucified by Chris Eyre

Entering the Kingdom by Chris Eyre

After All, It’s God’s Idea! by Dr. Bob McKibben

Everyone is an Atheist by Rick Wingrove

Facing the Proof Text Method by Henry Neufeld
I did my own “guest” essay this time. There are more real guest essays in the pipeline, but none are ready at this time.

You’re Fired! by Geoffrey Lentz
Text of a sermon offered on the gospel passage Luke 16:1-13

Entering the Kingdom by Chris Eyre
How do we enter the kingdom of heaven and what does it mean? Join Chris Eyre in seeking God’s kingdom . . .

A Fruitful Faith by Henry Neufeld

God has always placed grace before law, but law can be good news too.