This interview was first streamed on November 3, 2015 with guest Dr. Kenneth Quick. Here’s the video:

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Blessing Point Ministries


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9781631992070sThrive: Spiritual Habits of Transforming Congregations

Dr. Ruth A. Fletcher

Part of the Guides to Practical Ministry series.


9781631990465sSeven Marks of a New Testament Church

Dr. David Alan Black



9781938434648sTransforming Acts: Acts of the Apostles as a 21st Century Gospel

Dr. Bruce Epperly



9781938434556sWind and Whirlwind: Being a Pastor in a Storm of Change

Dr. David Moffett-Moore

Part of the Conversations in Ministry series.


9781631991530sIn Changing Times

Dr. Ronald Higdon

Part of the Guides to Practical Ministry series.