Hi, I’m Li’l Mo. I am the official spokescat for Energion Publications and I am the one with the real stuff, not all that hype the humans put out.

Li’l Mo Guarding the ‘Trons!

Books make excellent beds, but blankies are better.

I’ve been living in the book-crazed place for nearly five years now. I was brought here after a harrowing experience being rescued from the mouth of a dog who was going to eat me, I’m sure! I wasn’t sure what was happening to me. I’d lived outside all my life, all two months of it, and now I was dropped off in a new place.

The humans here are at least OK. They have good laps I can sleep on whenever I’m not eating a book or hanging out on a blankie.

If you want more books around your house for your cat to sleep on or tear up, see Energion Direct. Lots of books to suit any cat’s tastes!