pss_logo_new300x299The Participatory Study Series is designed to invite people to participate in the continuing story of Christian faith, especially through transformative Bible study culminating in mission. Topical Line Drives volumes pursue that goal by covering either a single topic very briefly, or looking at the variety of Christian beliefs about specific issues while suggesting avenues and resources for further study. Their primary purpose is to invite the reader to become more involved in the process of study, to challenge preconceptions and attitudes, and to help Christians grow in knowledge, faith, love, and action.

All volumes in this series will be priced at $4.99 retail, and will have quantity discounts that will bring the price to $3.24 each for 50 or more copies. They will be released simultaneously, or within a few days, in various ebook formats, and will be priced at just 99¢ in all ebook formats.

For more information and announcements related to this series, see the Topical Line Drives blog.

Books in the Participatory Study Series – Topical Line Drives