The mission of the Politics category of Energion Publications is to produce books for the thoughtful voter. These manuscripts will seriously investigate politics and government and evaluate the causes and solutions to the problems. Solutions are expressed in a manner that is historically aware, ideologically consistent, and practically oriented, with a particular emphasis on the relationship between faith, ethics, and government.

To expand the bolded items:

  1. Thoughtful voter – we hope there are many of these, and we aim at those who can be persuaded to think more seriously about political issues as well.
  2. Serious investigation – we look for books in this category that involve more than general observation, that go deeper either in investigation or in evaluation of information available
  3. Evaluating causes and solutions – simply expressing what one desires is not enough. Why do current solutions not work, and what might be done instead?
  4. Historically aware – while avoiding the assumption that everything can be handled by citing parallels, we’re looking for books that try to learn from the lessons of history
  5. Theoretically consistent – we look for books that express a consistent viewpoint, not sets of unrelated patches.
  6. Practically oriented – we look for books that talk about how things really work, that apply theory to practice. If you aren’t talking about something that you believe might work in the real world, this isn’t the place for it.
  7. Faith, ethics, and government – we’re particularly interested in books that deal with the interface between faith and politics. In this category, we do not specify the Christian faith, nor do we apply a doctrinal standard. We’re interested in books that discuss ethics, faith, and government and how they relate, irrespective of viewpoint.

While the politics special category of Energion Publications differs from other categories in that it is not aimed at a particular faith group, submissions still must uphold our other values. They must invite dialog while expressing a clear set of ideas that will challenge readers’ thinking. Books in this category are not expected to advocate the Christian religion, nor is there any religious test for authors.

Politics and Social Sciences Books