Scholarship in Service

One of our slogans at Energion Publications is Scholarship in Service.

Now like many words and slogans, this one can be misunderstood and misapplied. We prefer to challenge those misconceptions rather than seeking new words.

Scholarship in Service does not mean:

  1. Scholarship subordinated to a theological agenda
  2. Scholarship subordinated to a political agenda
  3. Scholarship subordinated to a denominational or organizational agenda
  4. Scholarship subordinated to a commercial agenda

Good scholarship is an agenda in itself. Scholarship seeks truth in the ultimate sense, but it also recognizes its own fallibility, which means that there is a need to continually aim for truth. In the process of this search, scholars search day by day for more accurate data and better representations of systems and contexts for that data.

What then is Scholarship in Service beyond just scholarship?

At Energion Publications, we are looking for scholarship that aims to communicate with and improve the world in general. There is a value in gathering data. Often we cannot know what impact certain information will have on people’s lives. But scholarship that serves will aim to communicate to the political, religious, and commercial worlds along with all the aspects of popular culture to impact everything with good, practical information. Service means scholarship connects not just with the library, the laboratory, or the scholar’s study, but also with people in church pews, in schools, in their workplaces, and anywhere they go.

Information will impact everyone. Falsehoods are harmful, often in undetected ways. Scholarship in Service aims to make the highest quality of information available for every decision everywhere.