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Discerning Revival in Lakeland

Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire Cover PictureAs a publisher, I do not want to take a public stand on the revival in Lakeland and Todd Bentley’s preaching, so I’m posting this under my own name, rather than Energion Publications staff. I would like to recommend some books, two by me, and one by another of our authors, that might help in discerning revival and related ministry activities.

The first is by my friend Dr. Bob McKibben, and is titled Holy Smoke! Unholy Fire! Bob was in the Pensacola area during the Brownsville revival and then pastored Pine Forest United Methodist Church, which was heavily impacted by the revival, during the years afterward. He writes from a Pastoral perspective, urging that ministry be conducted in accordance with God’s grace in Christ Jesus.

The second is my book Identifying Your Gifts and Service: Small Group Edition. I recommend the small group edition because it contains an extended discussion of the gifts of the Spirit, how they are given, how they should be used, and our responsibilities in connection with them.

When People Speak for God cover picture

The third is When People Speak for God which deals with both Biblical inspiration and the gift of prophecy and how to handle claims of prophecy in the church and for your personal life.

All three of these books deal extensively with discernment and Christian behavior and ethics. I hope they will be of help to you in your Christian walk and service to others.

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