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The 3rd Place and Popular Vote Winner is …

Lew Ayotte, with a score from our judges of 93 out of a possible 150.  He will receive the third prize of a free copy of The Jesus Paradigm, or his choice of an alternate title, since I know he previously reviewed The Jesus Paradigm.  In addition he will receive a $10 gift card from Barnes and Noble–well, not quite–make that $20 since he is also the winner of the popular vote.

I will be contacting winners by e-mail to get their mailing address so I can send their prizes to them.  Winners can defer their free book title(s) indefinitely if they would like to choose something from new releases rather than from the current catalog.

Expect an announcement of the 2nd place winner between 2 and 3 pm central time.

Yes, I’m drawing it out.  Shoot me!

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