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From the Editor’s Desk: Curriculum Should be Exciting!

buy 2 get 1 sale 08.11.15Back to school time brings a lot of emotions. Tears as moms and dads send their new kindergartener off to a full day of school for the first time. Kids excited to sling their new backpack over the shoulder covered by a new shirt. And the never-told Happy Dance by parents who may even take a day off so they can flop on their couch and just listen to their silent home.

As I typed the word “curriculum” I admit the word did not bring excitement to my mind. However, in speaking about new curriculum for a Bible study, whenever you have decided to meet with a small group, there should be some excitement to learn something new about our Father, Savior, Creator and LORD. A Bible study should always, at a minimum, bring us forward into a closer relationship with God when we are done! That is something to be excited about!

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