Robert Martin offers solid counsel to caregivers

Monday’s post on the Energion Discussion Network is authored by Robert Martin, who wrote A Caregiver’s Beatitudes, and has been engaged in caring for his spouse throughout her ordeal with cancer. He is concerned in this post for the caregiver, and asks, “Can you or should you do everything for your loved one?” Here’s a peek at it:

But as much as our loved ones need mercy, we [caregivers] need it, too. We need to be cared for, and we need our rest, but we rarely take it for ourselves. What we need, ultimately, is for someone else to step in, take us by the hand and tell us, “It’s OK. You can rest now.”

His posts this week all cover aspects of care giving. Most everyone knows someone engaged in this often grueling, yet loving, service to a loved one. Passing these posts on to others would be a real service to them. And they may help you, too.

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