Authors raise important questions and issues on EDN

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by Steve Kindle, Editor of Energion Discussion Network

This week began a renewed Energion Discussion Network (EDN) project. We’ve invited authors to submit posts that raise important questions and comment on current issues that their books engage. So far, we have booked posts into the end of September, and more authors are lining up.

Tomorrow begins posts by Shauna Hyde, author of Fifty Shades of Grace. Here’s a “point to ponder” from her first essay:

What happened to [the church] being the one place where sanctuary and safety was offered? What happened to love – the kind that heals instead of demands perfection (which means to be like us)? What happened to being like Jesus?

Our authors are serious-minded people who have grappled with how faith works in our modern world. We invite you to engage our authors by offering your own points of view in the comments section. (There is no need to register to comment.) I hope to see you there!

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