Google+Hangout Tonight: Raising Up Christ-Centered Youth

Kevin preaching croppedTonight at 7pm Central Time, join Elgin Hushbeck as he discusses the vital need, and what should be the top priority of all churches, raising up Christ-centered youth and young adults, with the pastor and author of Rite of Passage for the Home and Church: Raising Christ-Centered Young Adults and To Date or Not To Date: What the Bible Says About Pre-Marital Relationships, Kevin Brown.

“The Christian faith depends upon the transfer of the gospel from one generation to the next.” Pastor Brown advocates not a “program,” but instead a family’s commitment to making a change in priorities that will impact them for generations to come.

“The family has been fractured and splintered by the culture and this segregation of family by age has been brought to the church.” At his home church, the family worships together. There is no children’s church, no youth services…just the family of God worshiping together as indicated in Scripture. Kevin believes the only hope for our culture is the church and the only hope for the church is the restoration of the family.

Join Elgin Hushbeck and Pastor Kevin Brown tonight at 7pm  on Energion’s Weekly Google Hangout!

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