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Energion Discussion Network & Weekly Hangouts Re-Boot!

We are so excited here at Energion Publications to announce that, like life in general, we are growing and evolving. Note to self: If I am not growing and evolving, then I am probably dead! Over the next few weeks Energion Discussion Network and Energion Weekly Hangouts will be undergoing significant changes in format and…

Weekly Hangout – April 12, 2016

Weekly Hangout – April 12, 2016

Tonight @ 7pm CDT, Elgin Hushbeck will interview Jay Hall, author of Young Earth Science and the Dawn of a New Worldview. They will discuss the arguments for and against the theory of a “young earth” (thousands of years-old). At 7:30pm CDT, Henry Neufeld and Dr. Thomas Hudgins will continue their ongoing discussion on biblical translation….

Google+Hangout Tonight: Raising Up Christ-Centered Youth

Tonight at 7pm Central Time, join Elgin Hushbeck as he discusses the vital need, and what should be the top priority of all churches, raising up Christ-centered youth and young adults, with the pastor and author of Rite of Passage for the Home and Church: Raising Christ-Centered Young Adults and To Date or Not To Date: What the Bible Says About…