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Energion Discussion Network & Weekly Hangouts Re-Boot!

Reboot-picture66259208We are so excited here at Energion Publications to announce that, like life in general, we are growing and evolving. Note to self: If I am not growing and evolving, then I am probably dead!

Over the next few weeks Energion Discussion Network and Energion Weekly Hangouts will be undergoing significant changes in format and focus. There is much that is still in the planning stages but we can say at this point that technically we are making improvements in our delivery systems and we are taking the requests of our authors, readers, and listeners and putting them into  action.

For now, there will be no Weekly Hangouts until June 21 when Henry will host a lively discussion with Dr Bob Cornwall, author, pastor and editor of Sharing the Practice and Dr Matt Braddock, incoming President of the Academy of Parish Clergy.

EDN will continue to publish articles but you may find those releases a bit sporadic the first 7-10 days in June as we make some transitions.

Hang in there with us and watch us grow!


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