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Energion Publications is pleased to announce the new Energion.com eZine, a place for serious discussion of many-sided issues.  This eZine will link paid articles with blog and forum discussions to provide an open environment for discussion that nonetheless offers some quality control.

One of the great difficulties with the internet and particularly the blogosphere is the number of voices that are available and the amount of time it takes to find them.  Many social networking sites provide means of finding and rating particular articles on a variety of topics.  But we believe that there is a place for a combined approach, in which an active editorial staff will search for and check articles, and in turn be checked by reader responses and ratings.

Between now and January 1, 2010, the Energion.com eZine will be in a sort of beta mode.  During this time, only one new topic will be introduced each month by our compensated writers.  We will work out the kinks in the system and adjust according to user demand and suggestions.  After the 1st of next year, we will being to cover a new topic each week and to provide a minimum of five serious looks at that issue from different perspectives.

Beyond this core content, however, we will be scouring the internet for quality comments on the same topic and providing links to any material that advances the discussion.  We hope this will provide a way to find new sources for information, and to get an idea how experts are responding to that material.

So it’s in testing.  Why check it out now?

That will depend on who you are and what you want to do.

Bloggers: Get your blog in our editorial reader so we’ll be sure to see your content when it’s relevant to our topic.  In addition, register as a user so you can add your own blog entries on our site.  You will be permitted to add entries that summarize your own content and link back to your blog.  It’s a free, incoming link.  If we include your link in one of our issues of the eZine, it will be an additional bonus.  You might also want to look at the next group–writers.

Writers: Look at what we’re trying to do and see if you’d like to contribute.  This won’t be a lucrative market, but it will pay–$0.025 per word.  In addition, if you write elsewhere, you can showcase your writing from our eZine and get user and editorial evaluation.

Readers and Commenters: At least once per month, we will be offering either free books or gift certificates to selected commenters, but you have to comment to be eligible.  Between now and next January, the competition for these items will not be nearly as intense as it will eventually become.  So drop by and comment now.  Of course you may also want to give your input and ideas before the crowds arrive!

The Energion.com eZine is Google FriendConnect enabled, so you can use your Google id to add comments to the site.

For more information contact us via e-mail at pubs@energion.com or by phone (850) 525-3916.

PS:  Watch here for an announcement of a similar project related to Bible Study.

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