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Louisiana Flood Relief

Energion author Joel Watts, a United Methodist, called our attention to relief efforts by UMCOR. Here’s the UMCOR Facebook post:     There are a number of agencies involved in relief. We at Energion Publications encourage you to contribute through the agency of your choice, but please make sure that it is a reputable and […]

Free Books for Review

Did you know that there is a way to get almost any book we publish free? If you’re willing to read the book and write an honest review, we’re delighted to send you a free copy. There are a few requirements, including the legal requirement that you indicate in your review that you received a […]

Sunday Afternoon Reading: Chicken Little OK, Precipices, Welcoming Immigrants, Mark’s Unsatisfying Ending

Currently on the Energion Discussion Network Chicken Little Safe! – I remember shortly after 9/11 asking my father if the world was ending. “Dad, is this the end? Is Jesus going to come back soon?” I’ll never forget his answer.“Son, every generation thinks theirs is the last. Believe me, when the world actually ends, you […]

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