Energion and World Prayr in Service Together

Energion Publications and World Prayr, Inc. have been working together for some time. This partnership included publication of the book Walking in God’s Grace, developed by World Prayr president Pat Badstibner with the help of the World Prayr Ohana.

Over the past year, this partnership has grown, as Energion, along with Neufeld Computer Services, now under one umbrella with the publishing company, have worked to distribute books around the world, and also two refurbished laptop computers for missionaries and pastors.

From January 7 through 10, World Prayr, Inc. President Pat Badstibner visited Cantonment, Florida and spent time meeting with Energion owner Henry Neufeld and many others. This time was spent in fellowship and prayer, in study and discussion, in teaching, and in recording videos both for marketing and for educational purposes.

These discussions will facilitate greater cooperation in the coming year as we work on several translation projects and also on distributing books in English where they will be useful.

We want to thank World Prayr, Inc. for the impressive start to these projects in 2018 and for building on that success in 2019. In addition, we have several authors who are waiving their royalties on these books and some who are donating all of their royalties to sharing books with those who need them.

Watch here for further news of these efforts. If you would like to get involved, you can contact Energion Publications.

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