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Book Releases to Close 2014!

This has been a wonderful, exciting year at Energion Publications! The diversity of authors and books has carried us to a new level of observation as Jesus’ modern day disciples explored God’s Word and shared it to “teach, rebuke, correct and train” (2 Timothy 3:16). And here are the “final four” in 2014:

9781631991073Finding God in Suffering: A Journey with Job by Dr Bruce G. Epperly. The picture on the book cover certainly conveys the aloneness and destruction which we may feel as we attempt to cope with the often unexpected, even undeserved, tragedies of this life. Bruce Epperly digs into the book of Job and does not avoid the difficult passages and questions but with the rod of theology in one hand the staff of compassion in the other, offers insights into suffering and God’s role which the students may find they can live with.

9781631990878Constructing Your Testimony by Doris Horton Murdoch. As disciples of Jesus Christ we are called to testify to God’s work in and through us. If you have never considered your testimony or never offered your testimony in an inviting, to-the-point way, this 44-page Topical Line Drives book will be of great help. Doris Murdoch extracts the constructing of a testimony from her longer, in-depth study on what a testimony is and why we do it, Testify: By the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of Our Testimony. The reader of this book will get the construction essentials from her personal journey and her observation of others.

9781631990052The Authorship of Scripture in a Postmodern Age: Some Help from Karl Barth by Dr Robert D. Cornwall. What can the Bible possibly say to those who live in the 21st century? Must we choose between rigid fundamentalism and the total rejection of this foundation of the faith? Bob Cornwall shares his study of Scripture and the writings of theologian Karl Barth to bring a viable alternative to the reader of this Topical Line Drives book.

9781631991172Wounded by Truth – Healed by Love: Reflections on the Paradoxical Teachings of Jesus by Dr David R. Cartwright. Do we carry a sword or not carry a sword? Do we proclaim our faith or is it to be a private relationship? David Cartwright brings his own questions and leads us through his study of the gospels in a quest for answers. Whether you come together with others in a small group or apply to your own personal study, this is excellent spiritual food.

All of these books are also available in a Kindle edition as well as their print format. Now is the time to order, while we continue to apply the Advent2014 special of 25% Off (through Christmas Day) in addition to the quantity discounts. Small groups, this is a tremendous bargain! But wait, shipping is also FREE for orders over $10! Click the individual book link or follow this to the EnergionDirect home page and take advantage of this end of the year sale!

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