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Platforms, Dollars, and Publishing Good Books

Scot McKnight is concerned about author platforms and how books are marketed. (In publishing, “platform” refers to the publicity generating and public-connecting capabilities an author has, such as blogs, social media, church congregation, speaking schedule, etc.) I have a great deal of respect for Dr. McKnight, and I believe he raises some legitimate concerns. However, […]

A Christian Apologist and a Pastor-Educator Respond to Philosophy for Believers

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Early in the fall Energion Publications released a new book, Philosophy for Believers, designed to introduce Christian believers to the kinds of questions philosophers raise and the logic and ideas involved in answering those questions. This book provides an introduction to the philosophy of religion that can be used by a variety of groups in […]

Embracing the Future of Information

… whatever that is! I don’t actually know, but I’m watching closely and constantly trying to catch up.  There are a few trends that are obvious, however. But first, a little history.  Energion Publications was founded by buying out some existing publications.  These consisted of two comb-bound books, one stapled booklet, and one book printed […]